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    杜芬舒斯语录 ah ha!i got you th** time,perry the platypus!啊哈!很高兴这个时间见到您,鸭嘴兽泰瑞!ha!i know i shouldn't laugh,but i really can't help myself.
    哈!(笑)我知道我不该笑,但我实在忍不住。really?you call that an escape attempt?真的吗?你打电话就是试图逃脱?ah come on now,were you even trying?it's okay,you can tell me.
    啊,现在继续,您过去试过吗?you look like you could use a level-solve-inator.am i right?huh?huh?您看起来可能要用到关卡解决终结者。我说的对吗?啊?啊?could you hurry up?i need to pick up vanessa from school today.
    你能不能快点?我今天需要到学校接凡尼莎。again?how come you can defeat all my other evil genius plans but th** little mobile app makes you all weak in the knees?再来一次?你能够打败我的所有其他邪恶天才计划,而这个小小的移动应用程序难道会让你束手无策?did you lose again?oh,i was thinking th** would be a good day,and now it's even better!您又失败了?哦,我想今天将是幸运的一天,您可以做到更好!hah!with you out of the way,there ** no one to stop me from taking over the tri-state area!哈哈!与你一起,无人能阻止我占领三州地区!see!all your good ** no match for all my evil!看!你的善良根本就不是我所有邪恶计划的对手!see,now you know how it feels to h**e a piece of machinery you're depending on just fall apart on you.
    看,现在你知道拥有一台自己可以依靠的机器而让自己崩溃的感觉。i could fix that,you know.(sing song)but i won't!你知道,我可以修理它。(唱歌),但我不想修理它!you probably shouldn't h**e put that in there.i'm just saying.
    你或许不该把它放在那里。我只是说说。oh look,the sludge messes up your generator.you should remember that,perry the platypus.
    哦看,污泥妨碍了你的发电机。你应该记住,鸭嘴兽泰瑞。do you need some water,perry the platypus?well,you can't h**e mine.
    鸭嘴兽泰瑞,你需要些水吗?好了,我的可不给你。why did you use up all your water?that was wasteful,you should conserve.
    你为什么用光所有的水?这是浪费,你应该节省点。you know,you should probably s**e some water to power that generator.that would be a smart move.
    你知道,你应该省点水为发电机提供动力。那才是明智之举。where's your water?what?what did i say?what?我的水呢?(敲打)什么?我说了什么?什么?ice try,perry the platypus!get it?because you're frozen in a block of ice!its clever!鸭嘴兽泰瑞,试试冰块!明白了吗?因为你冻结在冰块中了!聪明!ohh looks like the enemy of the platypus-** ice!who'd thought!哦,冰块看起来像鸭嘴兽的敌人!谁能想到!what?it's just a tube?what ** the big problem?什么?这只是一根管道?大问题是什么?oh see,see,that was one of my-inators that stopped you.see how i did that?哦,看,看,那就是阻止你的“终结者”。看我怎么做?not so good with the steam,are you?that's too bad.it's wonderful for the skin.
    使用蒸汽不是很好,是不是?这太糟糕了。对皮肤好。where did all your steam go?i guess up,probably.
    你的蒸汽去哪儿了?我想可能上去了。looks like you could use a steam-maker-inator,perry the platypus.(laughs)
    th** ** so easy,it's not even fun anymore.oh,who am i kidding?th** ** so much fun!这是很容易,但这不再有趣了。哦,我在开玩笑?这不更加有趣!look at all those things you unearthed.and by unearthed,i mean completely earthed!看看你挖出的这些东西。挖出的东西,我的意思是指完全埋在地下的东西!oh,th** puzzle ** very abstract.and by abstract,i mean completely,uh,stract?i'm still wo**ng on that one.
    哦,这个迷宫很抽象。抽象的意识是非常深奥?我还在努力解决它。perry the platypus,would you mind introducing th** one yourself?i'm a little tired today.i didn't get much sleep.
    (抱怨)鸭嘴兽泰瑞,你愿意讲讲这个吗?我今天有点累了。我睡眠不足。wait!perry the platypus,are you still stuck in those tubes?i completely forgot about you.cause you know,you're taking a long time.
    等等!鸭嘴兽泰瑞,你还困在管道中吗?我把你给忘了。因为你知道,你花的时间太长了。now we're going to play a little game i call perry the platypus stuck inside an underground tube with little hope of escape!我们将玩个小游戏现在,名字叫“鸭嘴兽泰瑞被困在逃生希望渺茫的地下管道中!wow,look at all of that.i'm glad i don't h**e to figure th** one out.
    哇,看这一切。我很高兴我不必解决这个难题。while you're stuck down there,i'll be out doing something evil.i'm not sure what yet,but trust me,it will be totally evil.
    当你被困管道中时,我会做一些坏事。我不确定是什么,但请相信我,它绝对很坏。you know,maybe i should call you perry the stuck-underground-apus.it might be apropos.
    啊,看看谁在这里,鸭嘴兽泰瑞。也许我该叫你“困在地下的泰瑞”!h**en't i seen th** before?actually,th** looks a lot like something i've seen on my pocket-talk-inator.i know,i know it’s a fancy name for my mobile phone i know.
    我以前没有见过这个?其实,这看起来像在我的口袋讲话终结者中看到的很多东西。我知道,我知道对于自己知道的移动手机,这个名字有点奇怪。inators?oh,that's so amateur.i was making-inators when i was like five or something.
    终结者吗?噢,那是如此业余。我在五岁左右时,就在制造终结者。cool-inators?oh,that's so amateur.i was making cool-inators when i was like five or something.
    制冷终结者吗?噢,那是如此业余。我在五岁左右时,就在制造制冷终结者。heat-inators?oh,that's so amateur.i was making heat-inators when i was like like four.
    加热终结者吗?噢,那是如此业余。我在五岁左右时,就在制造加热终结者。oooh!what's that black sludge?i betcha i could do something evil with it.
    噢噢!那是黑色污泥吗?我可以用它做点坏事。maybe you need to move those things around,ya think.you know,i really should stop helping you so much.
    也许你需要移动周围的东西,你认为呢。(敲打)你知道,我真的不该帮你这么多。say,those switches look like the switch-inators i used to make.i wonder what happened to them.
    看,这些开关就像我过去使用的开关终结者。我怀疑问题出在它们身上。that-inator looks a little different.whatever you do,don't touch it.really,i mean it.don't touch it.
    这个终结者看起来有点不一样。不管你做什么,都不要去碰它。真的,这可不是闹着玩。不要去碰它。now,perry the platypus,i hope you don't get.cold feet!ha ha!get it?because of the ice?现在,鸭嘴兽泰瑞,我希望你不要.冷得害怕!啊哈!明白了吗?因为冰块?be sure you don't get steamed,perry the platypus!you see what i did there?鸭嘴兽泰瑞,你不会被蒸发!(敲打)你看到我做了什么吗?you know,th** whole situation reminds me of a day back in gimmelshtump.we would all get together to dig holes and pour water into them.
    你知道,整个状况让我想起在 故乡的岁月。我们一起挖洞,倒水.
    but one time gunter wouldn't pull me back up no matter how loud i cried.i mean asked.
    and then i noticed the trail of mole droppings in the hole.(shudders)mole droppings ewww,mole droppings.to th** day,i can't stand the sight of mole droppings…not that most people can.
    然后我注意到鼹鼠粪便掉落在洞口。(发抖)鼹鼠粪便,鼹鼠粪便。直到今天,我仍然无法忍受鼹鼠粪便…难不是多数人都忍受的。sorry,we seem to h**e gotten d**connected.where was i?oh yes,the mole monsters.
    很抱歉,我们似乎扯远了。我刚才说到哪了?哦,是的,鼹鼠粪便。and i thought they would make me their king,but apparently mole monsters are of a communal collective,not a monarchy…go figure
    and how was i supposed to know that gunter had a pet mole monster?i mean…
    perry the platypus!are you cutting off my rambling tragic backstory!that's totally…
    perry the platypus!if you cut me off once i prom**e i will.
    fine!if you don't appreciate my flashbacks,then i'm done.no flashbacks.see how you like that,mr.smarty pants.
    好的!如果你不喜欢我唠叨,那我就停止。不再唠叨了。看你怎么想,自做聪明的家伙。i mean,what ** it with games these days?back in gimmelshtump,we only had one game,but we were happy.sure,maybe exploding schnitzlekelp wasn't the safest game for kids to play,but the other kids ins**ted that it was the only game in the whole country.and i was really good at it!you know,as the person who got exploded on.you know now that i think of it,we did h**e kickball,but i don't want to talk about that.it's a whole different tragic backstory;i don't h**e time to get into it.th** one's already gone on way longer than i'd expected.that's how it ** with flashbacks,though.sometimes they just get away from you.sometimes they h**e a life of their own.
    我的意思是,这些天这些游戏如何?想当年在故乡,我们只有一个有戏,而现在我们非常高兴。当然,也许“**”对孩子而言不是最安全的有戏,但其他孩子坚持认为它是整个**的唯一游戏。而且我确实玩的很好!(敲打)你知道,因为被炸的是人。你知道现在我想到它,我们也有踢球,但我不想谈论这个。这是一个完全不同的悲惨故事;我没有时间去讲它。它确实比我想象的要长。虽然,通过倒叙可以讲述。有时候,它们只是离你而去。有时,它们有自己的生活。perry the platypus!i see you've found my evil heat-inators!i hope you'll find them suitably evil.and deadly!鸭嘴兽泰瑞!我知道你已找到我的捣乱加热终结者!我希望你能找到他们的合适邪恶.和致命要害!perry the platypus!i see you've found my evil cool-inators!i hope you'll find them suitably evil.and deadly!鸭嘴兽泰瑞!我知道你已找到我的捣乱制冷终结者!我希望你能找到他们的合适邪恶.和致命要害!oh,i can't wait to tell you about th** plan!you see,i dumped all my old-inators in the ground,so now you ...

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