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    新dlc(geralt 新发型)
    patch 1.2 corrections/amendments(june 3,2011)
    1.all previously released dlc packages are installed with patch 1.2:
    blue stripes combat jacket
    ultimate alchem**t's outfit
    ultimate mage's outfit
    ultimate swordsman's outfit
    fin**her pack
    mysterious merchant
    troll trouble
    2.patch 1.2 adds a new free dlc package titled“barbers and coiffeuses.”to take advantage of barbershop and hairstyling services,look for einar gausel in chapter 1 of the game,sambor in henselt’s camp in chapter 2,felicia cori in chapter 2 if you tr**el to vergen,and felicia cori once again in chapter 3.
    3.game s**es are now compressed automatically,lowering the amount of d**k space they utilize.
    4.an option has been added to the game menu allowing game s**es to be deleted.to delete a game s**e,highlight the relevant item and press the‘delete’key.
    5.the game menu now loads at a markedly accelerated pace.
    6.the game now supports logitech g35 headphones and other u** headsets with on-board sound cards.
    7.a number of fixes h**e been added to the key binding functionality(actions can now be mapped to number pad and cursor/arrow keys).
    8.analog sticks on gamepads now work correctly in the gui panels.
    9.a number of game balance fixes h**e been introduced in the prologue.
    10.lock on targets ** not lost when the d**tance to targets increases.
    11.a number of fixes h**e been made in blocking functionality during combat.also,player character responsiveness in combat has been improved,and geralt can attack than one target during normal combat.
    12.a number of corrections h**e been made in the stat**tics d**played in item diagrams in the crafting panel.
    13.the witcher 1 s**es are now imported correctly.
    14.an auto–s**e has been added before the fight against the draug.
    15.flare bomb duration ** now 2(two)minutes.
    16.**sue involving the equipping of bombs(or other items)even if they were not present in the character inventory has been fixed.
    17.**lamic–themed and similar textures h**e been deleted and/or replaced.
    18.a number of fixes h**e been made in game dialogues.
    19.**sue that blocked advancement to the next level at the start of chapter 3 has been fixed.
    20.**sue involving the occurrence of t-poses upon the destruction of nekker nests has been corrected.
    21.guards can no longer block geralt when he ** on a ladder.
    22.knives no longer affect friendly **s.
    23.bug related to using some containers has been fixed.
    24.ostmurk(an ingredient required to complete a quest)can no longer be sold.
    25.ingredients required to complete the“melitele's heart”quest h**e been added to the game.
    26.a fix has been introduced in the“troll trouble”quest whereby the she–troll’s head can be won in a game of dice poker.
    27.the ghost of the banner can no longer be killed by wraiths.
    28.**sue involving the operator being neutral and thus susceptible to being killed before any conversation occurs has been fixed.
    29.a number of fixes h**e been introduced to prevent selected **s from being blocked(king in siege tower,knights when destroying a gate in the prologue,etc.).
    30.the“three s**ters”quest has been fixed so that the door does not remain locked forever once the quest has been completed.
    31.a number of progression breaks h**e been fixed,including instances of blocked meditation,inability to s**e game,and blocked combat after use of static cameras(e.g.game could not be s**ed after completion of the“indecent proposal”quest).
    32.the progression break during the fight against the dragon in chapter 3(exploration not wo**ng properly)has been fixed.
    33.the progression break during the fight against dethmold(whereby he sometimes remained behind h** barrier,doing nothing)has been fixed.
    34.the progression break(black screen)in the"little shop of dreams"quest has been fixed.
    35.the progression break following failure to complete the ritual with anezka has been fixed.
    36.the progression break during the dialogue on the beach in the“hung over”quest has been fixed.

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